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author-image Posted On: February 3, 2022

The year 2006 was the first time Amazon began providing IT Infrastructure services to businesses through cloud services, which is now known as cloud computing. Amazon Web Services are popularly referred to by their name as AWS among the top Cloud Computing platform communities with millions of customers. With increasing numbers of people becoming conscious of the cloud market many companies choose Amazon Web Server as their primary web server.

AWS has become a major revenue source for Amazon in recent years, as organizations are putting their trust in AWS in place of other systems.

In the year 2013 Amazon announced AWS Certification Training to acknowledge the fact that worldwide companies use AWS as their servers due to the advantages it can provide in various areas like Data Science, Business Analytics, and more.

AWS certification training program assists people to develop their cloud computing abilities and assists them in establishing an impressive career in this area.

AWS Certified 2022

Why is this certification program needed? Because it is created in a manner that meets all guidelines that are accepted by every company/organization/ business.

ACS Networks will guide you through FAQs related to  AWS Certification Training, Its scope, and how it can help you with your career development, the pay structure, and the potential of AWS in 2022.

Conceptualization of AWS Certification

Amazon web services comprise more than 1000s web-based services such as storage, application development, networking, migration, integration security, and many more.

The digital marketplace of today has witnessed an enormous shift to AWS to a large extent as recognition and acceptance has grown to an enormous extent over the past years.

The purpose of AWS Certification

AWS certifications Trainings are designed according to industry standards, making it ideal for training to implement, secure and robust applications on AWS. When you complete this training, you’ll be able to comprehend-

  • Find the most appropriate AWS services by looking at the data compute or security needs.
  • Designing and developing efficient systems that scale up that are scalable AWS and Estimating service pricing.

Benefits of AWS Certification-

AWS certification has a lot of worth by itself. There are many advantages and benefits to taking this certification training program. Some of them are listed below and will help clear your mind regarding the certification.


  • Future Aspects-

A recent survey conducted in 2020 has revealed an 83% rate of companies that have moved their workloads into the cloud. Additionally, AWS is the most popular cloud provider.

This certification training program has a lot of value and the need for AWS professionals will be huge shortly.

  • Resources to ease AWS certification Training-

Since it was first introduced in 2013, it has gone a long way towards helping the candidate. There are many resources available to help applicants to obtain this certification.

There are virtual and digital training courses that give hands-on experiences of instructor-led instruction, as well as developed training programs for Amazon internet services.

  • Career Growth and Development-

Based on monetary data, in a recent estimation by the Global Knowledge Survey AWS Certified professionals can boost their earnings by around 25.9 percent.

The estimated average salary for an experienced professional certified is close to the amount of Rs. 10,50,000. A non-certified candidate earns an average income of Rs. 6,50,000.

  • Build Your Network

The successful completion of the AWS training program will confer the recognition of certified professionals. When you become an AWS professional, new doors are opened to you to take part in meetups, conferences, and professional gatherings that allow you to increase your network by interfacing with a variety of other individuals.

  • Its value to the Business

The majority of companies seek out AWS-certified professionals since it enhances their value and can help attract more lucrative projects. Anyone with AWS professionals can join the AWS Partner Network (APN). AWS Partner Network gives companies access to a variety of tools and resources that aid in providing better services and solutions to customers.

The Level of AWS Certification

AWS Certification Trainings different level

Software Developers, Application Designers database administrator, system administrator, or sales professional, no matter what your job is, by completing AWS training, you can make an impressive career from it.

AWS certification is available at different levels, and it starts with Foundation through Speciality.

  1. Foundation Level- Six months of essential AWS Cloud and industry expertise. (AWS cloud practitioner)
  2. Associate Level- One year of working on issues and finding solutions with the AWS Cloud. (AWS Certified solution architect associate)
  3. Professional- Two years of extensive experience in designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions utilizing the AWS Cloud. (AWS Certified solution architect professional)
  4. Specialty- Tech AWS Cloud experience in the Specialty area as defined in the exam manual. (AWS Certified Advanced network specialty)

Job Roles and Salary structure After AWS Certification

This Amazon certificate for web-based services (AWS) provides opportunities for many of the most lucrative jobs. If you earn AWS accreditation, you’ll gain access to a variety of opportunities. Here are the top five AWS jobs that are available for you to consider:

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  • AWS Cloud Architect-

The function of AWS Cloud Architects is to communicate directly with clients and engineers and also act as an intermediary between the stakeholders and technical leadership.

AWS Cloud Architects in India receive an average annual salary of 920,000.

  •  DevOps Engineer-

DevOps engineers are specialists in managing network operations, deployment of systems, as well as developing software. This means that having a wide range of skills and a deep understanding and expertise of the AWS platform can result in jobs in a variety of areas. AWS certification boosts your chances of securing a job with AWS by nearly doubling.

DevOps Engineer in India earns an average of 660,000.

  • Cloud Software Engineer-

If you’re a Software Engineer programmer in C++, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript There is the chance to build your career by joining Amazon Web Services. With the knowledge and skills required to create, develop and deploy software/systems using the AWS platform there are more possibilities for you to be able to apply for AWS jobs. You can stand out on your job search by obtaining your AWS certification in software development and design.

Cloud Software Engineer in India is paid an average of 7,00,000.

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  • Cloud Developer-

The developers of cloud-based applications and solutions are those who develop software for enterprises. AWS provides a variety of jobs for those who have a solid background in the field of software development as well as a working knowledge regarding AWS. AWS platform. You can further enhance your career as a cloud developer by earning the AWS certification.

Cloud Developers in India earn an average wage of around 7,00,000.

  • AWS SysOps Administrator-

An AWS SysOps Administrator is charged with the charge of operating, deploying, and managing the systems running on AWS. AWS platform. Therefore, you can prove your skills in the role of the AWS SysOps administrator by proving your expertise in managing, deploying, and maintaining production services in AWS. AWS cloud.

The median salary for Systems Administrators in India is 4,00,000.

Different job roles after AWS Certification and salaries.

Frequently Asked Question about AWS certification training

Which AWS Certification is required first?

This is the most frequently asked question for many hopeful candidates. The answer is simply to assess your abilities and know-how. Check where you stand. What prior experience do you have? If you’re a newbie or are a novice to AWS cloud certification, or another cloud certification, you must take the AWS Cloud practitioner training that teaches you the basics of cloud computing.
If you’ve got prior knowledge and experience, you should opt for AWS Solution Architect Associate.

What is AWS certification’s salary?

Here’s the answer you’ve been anticipating which certification earns the most. Below I’ll list the top five high-paying certifications.

-AWS Solution Architect Associate- 4,00,000
-AWS certification SysOps Administrator Associate- 4,00,000.
-AWS certified solution for Architect AssociatePrice- 5,50,000
-AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional- 6,60,000
-AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional- 7,50,000
(*Data are sourced from various job sites such as Indeed and Naukri (and may differ in accordance with your own experiences)

How can I acquire AWS 2022 certification?

Obtaining AWS Certification is an easy process, but you must be aware of the certification that best fits your requirements. Complete your training to improve your understanding. Then, visit AWS official website and reserve your exam time slot.
At ACS Networks we offer students an environment in which they can receive guidance from industry experts to improve their skills, test their knowledge with questions from previous years’ periodic assessments, as well as exams to measure their progress. Learning through hands-on experiences.

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