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AWS re/Start Program

AWS Cloud and IT Fundamentals Training


AWS re/Start Program

AWS re/Start training program is a skill training and development program launched by AWS (Amazon Web Services). It offers free of cost training for the AWS cloud platform to prepare individuals to enter the cloud industry and connect them with prospective employers. This program helps people to build their careers in cloud technology, and there is no requirement for any IT background to enroll in this program. This program focuses on helping unemployed individuals to start a new career, along with the cloud technology Re/Start program covering some other topics with their scenario-based exercises and instructor-led sessions, which include Linux, Python, Networking, Security, Database, and Automation.

The AWS restart training program also helps individuals with soft skills, including effective communication, collaboration, resume writing and interview training, and prepares them for their interviews.

Skills you will learn in

Technical Skills:

Soft Skills:

Career Options :

After completing the AWS Restart program, graduates will gain a valuable skill set that can open up various career options in the field of cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Below mention are the top career opportunities for AWS Re/Start graduates:

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