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AWS Solution Architect

What is AWS Solutions Architect? ​

An AWS Solutions Architect’s primary responsibility is deploying applications to the AWS cloud infrastructure. The company’s shift to the cloud is driven by various factors, with cost reduction being major. By moving to the cloud, companies can avoid investing in on-premises infrastructure. However, the process is only sometimes straightforward, as early adopters often face unexpectedly high costs. This is where AWS Solutions Architects come in. They are tasked with designing solutions that cut costs and address critical factors such as usability, reliability, scalability, and performance.

In addition, AWS Solutions Architects are responsible for mitigating risks for organizations, such as data breaches, calculation errors, and application downtime. This requires a deep understanding of integrating different components within the AWS cloud to create a highly secure environment.

How To Become an AWS Solutions Architect?

To become an AWS Solutions Architect, you must pass the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level examination and obtain the certification. Here are some details about the examination:

How to Schedule the AWS Exam?

To schedule the AWS Solutions Architect examination, follow these steps:

Exam Content Outline

The AWS Solutions Architect examination consists of five main sections, with each section covering specific topics:

This section focuses on choosing reliable and resilient storage, designing decoupling mechanisms, creating multi-tier architectures, and architecting for high availability and fault tolerance using AWS services.

Topics covered in this section include choosing performant storage and databases, improving performance using AWS Elasticache, and designing flexible and scalable solutions through AWS Lambda, AWS CloudWatch, and AWS Data Pipeline.

This section covers securing applications using AWS Inspector, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS IAM, securing data using AWS CloudHSM and AWS Macie, and defining network infrastructure with AWS CloudFront, AWS VPC, and Elastic Load Balancer.

This section emphasizes performing operations as code, annotating documentation, making frequent, small, and reversible changes, and anticipating and addressing failures.

Why Choose ACS Networks & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for AWS Solutions Architect Certification

To keep the standard high, ACS Networks & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has maintained an ideal balance while updating the course with more strategies and tips. When it comes to our trainers, we have the world’s best trainers who have gone through a rigorous selection process and are willing to explain in the easiest way along with the practical situations.

Our trainers equally give importance to quizzes, lectures, case studies, interview preparation, etc., so that our students will get the help to complete their AWS Solutions Architect Certification successfully. It’s worth mentioning that our exceptional instructors will support you throughout the course as this course demands a thorough knowledge of AWS. While holding a strong set of learning+ practical, ACS Networks & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is expecting to see you in this course

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification​

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