Getting a CCNA Course Training Certification is Really Worth a Stake?

author-image Posted On: November 29, 2021

The Cisco certification Networking Associate CCNA Course Training Certification has become one of the most renowned certifications in the world. The certification focal point is to overall polish the IT skills in order to match with the advanced technologies in today’s competitive environment. Hence, getting CCNA certified is quite advantageous as it validates your core networking skills. 

Details about CCNA Training certification 

Once you have successfully cleared your CCNA Certification, it will be your choice to get specialized in one of three original tracks that will enhance your expertise, knowledge, and tools that will directly help to boost your career. 

CCNA Security contains the troubleshooting and monitoring of the network devices. Consequently, it is a bigger level of certification that helps to validate the capability of generating a secure network through diverse Cisco Devices. 

CCNA Voice is one of those courses that prepare you for the professionals with expertise in VoIP which contains IP telephony, IP PBX, handset, voicemail solutions, etc. Hence, CCNA voice expert is able to explore the roles of voice manager, voice engineer, and voice administrator. 

Why Choose CCNA Training Certification 

Enrolling in CCNA Course Training certification is an excellent alternative? We have outlined some reasons that determine why CCNA certifications are a clear yes. 

Cisco CCNA training certification

1- Qualified candidate

According to a recent survey conducted by Cisco with Forester Consultants, certification courses are a key element in recruiting personnel, especially for the IT Industry. In addition to this, professional certification is required while applying for a senior-level position. 

2- Exceptional learning network experience

The learning Network of Cisco is the first network where the social network is used for learning, which is a web 2.0 community highlighting wikis, blogs, document sharing, and so on. Thus, the network offers exceptional services like training and certification courses, simulation labs, internships, employees referral, job opportunities, and way more. Moreover, the Cisco learning network is developed in a way so that individuals from all levels of knowledge & experience can opt for it. 

3- Provides knowledge and Experience

There is no doubt that the process of acquiring your certification will enhance your knowledge and experience. Therefore, CCNA Course Training Certification will offer you a great opportunity to learn new concepts that will boost your career. 

4- Boosts your professional growth  

People always show off their certifications on their resume because it attracts the recruiters as well as adds weightage. Technically, the CCNA Course Training Certification has worldwide recognition. That means no matter where you will go, your work will never get disturbed and remains appropriate. Also, chances are you might receive some sort of perks after achieving CCNA Certification.  

5- Builds a firm foundation

CCNA Course Training Certification actually helps to build a firm foundation of basics and can be a qualifying criterion for diverse other Cisco Certifications like CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless, including CCNP. 

6- Benefits the employer

Every employer believes certified professionals are able to work in a competitive industry of IT. It will be a plus point to have a certification that demonstrates to the employer you have the right knowledge and skills they require. 

CCNA course training certification graph
Graph representing CCNA Training Certification in the past years and in 2022

The top 4 career opportunities you can get after CCNA Training Certification

Technical support Engineers

With technological advancement, the company/organization requires persistent support. Therefore, CCNA Course Training Course jobs surely help in troubleshooting while offering support. The Technical Support Engineer delivers the IT Support for the proper functioning of the organization. The Technical Support engineer earns an average of Rs 100000. 

System Engineer

System Engineers manage diverse systems and devices. The CCNA certified engineers surely hold a thorough understanding of installed infrastructure. Therefore, their job is to maintain the overall backup and security of the system. Their average pay scale is about Rs 1,47,000. 

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Information Technology manager 

The Information Technology IT Manager plan and directs all the IT day-to-day activities of the IT Department. Thus, they perform day-to-day activities that include data processing, operations, and systems, as well as test the shrewdness of the systems. According to their average pay scale, they make Rs.329,000. 

Senior Network Engineer 

Usually, the IT support team members count on their senior engineer so that the organization runs seamlessly. Therefore, the role and responsibilities demand to design, implement, deploy, maintain as well as support the infrastructure and, according to their pay scale, they earn on an average of Rs. 362,000. 

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Final Thoughts

The rising fineness in IT Industry predicts a global scarcity of skilled networking professionals. ACS Networks & Technologies is able to help you with CCNA Certifications Training taught by the most renowned trainers of the Industry who have over 6 years of experience. 

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