How to Become a Cloud Architect ?

author-image Posted On: June 16, 2022

Did you know Cloud Computing is one of the most sought-after career opportunities in this generation of the technological world? The numbers provided by LinkedIn suggest that cloud computing is the second most demanding skill of the year 2021. There are plenty of job opportunities available in the field of cloud computing around the world.

In this blog, we tell you How To Become a Cloud Architect which helps you get insights into the cloud, skills, tools used, jobs, salary, roles, and responsibilities.

According to data provided by LinkedIn, There are over 227,000 jobs for Cloud Computing professionals in the US. Thus making the demand for Cloud Architects one of the highest in the world.

Cloud Architect is one of the most growing career options in the field of cloud domain. While reading this blog, you will get an understanding of the whole concept which will help you to build a successful career as a certified professional in this profession. Below are some of the topics discussed briefly in this blog on how to become a Cloud Architect:

  1. What is Cloud Architecture?
  2. What does a Cloud Architect do?
  3. Cloud Architect Skill Set
  4. What to do next?
  5. Cloud Architect Jobs.

What is Cloud Architecture?

Firstly to understand who are Cloud Architects, you have to get an idea about the architecture of Cloud Computing. The architecture of Cloud Computing mainly refers to the elements that are essential for the development of Cloud Computing. It includes a combination of various components like network, frontend-backend platforms, and cloud-based delivery, all these components comprises the cloud computing architecture.

Understanding the architecture of Cloud computing is slightly difficult to typical architecture. We can say it is a formal discipline in the computing environment that deals with the design, composition, and orchestration of the systems.

What Does a Cloud Architect do?

The most important goal of Cloud Architect is to make a project’s technical needs into the design and architecture, which helps in the creation of the final product. Also, they remove the gaps between complex cloud problems that are difficult to solve and provide a better solution for the company. Apart from this, they also work with other divisions of the organization, including Developers and Engineers, to make sure that the technology being built is right.

Cloud Architecture is responsible for designing the cloud environment, according to the requirement of the organizations. They monitored the approach of Cloud Computing, which includes cloud deployment, the design and architecture of the application, and the make proper strategies for the adoption of the cloud.

The resources that can be used by them are firewalls, routers, switches, virtual machines, servers, and more, which assure a smooth operation in the cloud.

After gaining a summary of what these professionals do as part of their jobs, let’s learn about the various tools and skills you need to know and the experience to get into this profession.

Cloud Architect Skill Set

To become an Architect, you must have a basic experience in Cloud Computing or any other field of IT domain. For Cloud Architect their technical skills are their most essential asset. Some of the Cloud Architect requirements are listed below:

  • Knowledge of MySQL
  • Understanding of working with AWS and other cloud providers
  • Programming skills in Java
  • Network administration skills
  • Understanding of open-source tools such as Kubernetes and Docker
  • Skills in data storage and security
  • Experience in working with projects

What to do next ?

After getting the required knowledge about skills and working of cloud architecture, It’s time to dive into this profession. To get into the field, you have to decide the medium on which you wish to work on and then go about your career path with it. Three of the most widespread platforms are:

  1. AWS
  2. Azure
  3. Google Cloud Platform

Once you pick your platform and get a certification in the respective discipline, you can become a certified Architect. ACS Networks and Technologies Cloud Computing training programs will help you pass specific certification exams and get a good job in Cloud professional

Now you learn about how you can become an Architect, let’s get into the multiple job opportunities available for these professionals.

Cloud Architect Jobs

There are plenty of job opportunities available for certified architects who have great skills in cloud computing. Check out the list below for some of the job profile available in this field:

  • AWS Specialist
  • Service Cloud Architect
  • Security Architect
  • Azure Cloud Architect
  • AWS Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Senior IT Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Azure Solutions Architect

To get into any of these job professions, you have to choose a good institute for cloud certification training. At ACS-Networks we have a team of professional and experienced trainers who will not only train you but also give you great placement support to enhance your career in this field.

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