Is AWS Certification Training Worth IT?

author-image Posted On: April 21, 2023
Is AWS Certification Training Worth IT

In the enormous world of education, certifications don’t offer you 100% employment, but what will be the actual scenario with AWS Certification training

These days, you will find a variety of certifications to upgrade your skills. Therefore, some people will agree the certifications portray required technical skills and some people might not. Apparently, AWS Certifications can be considered a real thing because they offer loads of value besides getting a hike. In this article, we will cover Is AWS Certification training actually worth it or offers you a promising career? 

Is AWS Certification Training Worth It?

I know you might wonder if Amazon Web service Certifications training holds value. Well, the straight answer is yes! AWS Certifications are able to help boost your career while helping you to earn a good salary package. Well, in that way, the straight answer is yes! 

According to a recent report, over 80% of professionals get a higher salary as a direct outcome of Cloud Certifications. 

Are Amazon Web Service Trainings in High Demand?

Yes, Cloud skills are a must-have for any IT professional, and AWS certification training has become the most renowned skill. According to a report, candidates who hold AWS Certification Training hold a high chance of getting hired because their resume looks more attractive to an employer.

On the other hand, there is a scarcity of AWS professionals till now. That’s the reason individuals with cloud expertise are getting a high salary. According to experts, demand for AWS professionals continued to grow over the past 12 months.

Another add-on to the fact that the cloud has been in demand according to LinkedIn listings and the demand will surely continue means cloud professionals will have the most promising career. 

What will be the average salary of an AWS Certified professional?

  • The majority of AWS Certified professionals earn an average salary of over $100,000. 
  • The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate level gets an average salary of  $149,446. 
  • As stated by LinkedIn, cloud engineers get a medium salary of $117,668. 

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Reasons AWS Certification Training is Worth the hype?

The following are the reasons AWS Certification Training is exceptional.

1- A must-have skill for IT personnel

Yes, it’s extremely important as well as unavoidable for IT professionals to learn cloud computing. In accordance with a study, IT professionals believe advanced technologies are a major aspect of the adoption of cloud computing. Therefore, developing skills in cloud computing, particularly in AWS services, is a must-have these days. Consequently, if you wish to stand out from the crowd, then ignoring an AWS Certification training can be the biggest mistake. 

2-AWS demand exceeds

Searching for individuals with cloud computing expertise has become challenging for employers. A recent report says that 60% of jobs posted demands for AWS-related skills, and that clearly means AWS Certifications are high in demand. Hence, learning AWS expertise is the best way to advance your career and work with the best company. 

3-Cloud adoption broadly uses AWS 

A powerful reason to learn cloud computing with AWS is that AWS leads about the third of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Technically, this is more than the Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure combined. If the situation continues like that, chances are we all will see tremendous growth in AWS in the coming years.Accordingly, starting a Cloud Computing journey with AWS is a safe career choice. 

 4-AWS Certified individuals get a promising career

AWS Certified individuals are at the top of the highest paying professionals, as several AWS jobs provide an exceptional salary package. If you want to upgrade your skills in a competitive market, go for AWS Certifications and learn the skills, work hard and act as a Cloud Computing expert. 

5-Finally, AWS Certification confirms reliability and skills 

There is no doubt that employers always want to hire trustworthy, reliable, proficient employees. This is where AWS practitioners come into the picture because certification validates that you have gone through severe training and hold the ability to meet the deadlines by completing the task given. Hence, while having the proof of skills, why you wouldn’t get a job in your favorite company. It’s recommendable not to ignore the prominence of AWS Certifications. 

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There Is Never Been The Best Time To Get Cloud Certified?

So, what drawbacks are there to getting AWS certified? Technically, maybe the time and cost factor of attending classes can be a gigantic wall. But why opt for online learning platforms like ACS Networks and get certified at ease. Or wait until the hiring process improves and, except for certifications, are around for years. Along with reasonable AWS Certification options like ACS Networks and Technologies which offer you the opportunity to get certified anywhere. There might be lesser excuses than ever to get AWS Certified. 

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