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IT Networking and its Scope in India

IT is the development, maintenance, or use of systems mainly software, computer systems, and networks for sending, retrieving & storing information. IT networking is the process of electronically connecting two or more computing devices to exchange data through data connections.


Switches enable the sharing of resources by connecting all the devices together, including servers, printers, computers in a small corporate network. These connected devices can share data, information and communicate with each other, regardless of where they are situated in any building or campus.



Routers are used to connect several devices to the internet, and to connect the devices to each other. These can also be used to create local networks of devices. Sharing of files among devices or sharing the software tools can be done very easily with the help of these local networks


Scope of IT Networking

The Scope of IT Networking is immense; it is one of the most demanding and secure career-making fields.

  • IT is full of opportunities in every sector as it is required in some or another way. In the corporate sector, networking is applicable for business development from manufacturing to processing.
  • In the IT Networking sector, automation plays a huge role in performance, cost reduction, productivity. It is becoming the base of networking. Automation has now become a part of automating the maintenance, troubleshooting, deployment, and configuration. It will add skill sets to the engineer’s work profile.
  • There is an opportunity for corporates to expands and grow their business with the help of Innovation. If you are an innovator, you have a huge opportunity to take up your career to another level.
  • The Job Opportunity in the IT networking domain is huge with domains like switches & routers, service providers, security & collaboration, etc. Routing & switching is the basic domain of networking but is the pillar of IT Networking.
  • Routing & switching expertise are everywhere required for handling the networks of every company. And if we talk about the security domain, then every company will need security professionals to secure their sensitive data and to handle their networks.
  • For the Cisco certified Professionals, The scope of IT Networking is vast not in India only as well as abroad too, you will travel all over the world. It means that the world recognizes your skills & knowledge in IT networking because it carries an international standard. These professionals support all types of business no matter either it is a business, school, or any other industry because everywhere networking is relevant.
  • If you have experience of 3-4 yrs. then you have a good scope in GULF countries and a lot of opportunities once you are done with your certification.

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