Massive Changes in CISCO Networking Courses

author-image Posted On: November 29, 2021
Know more about changes that happen in cisco certification. Changes in CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE

Throughout all these years, we have all seen constant changes in Cisco Networking Courses. Considering the changes, some of them are small, for example, basic changes in the Cisco courses names, etc). Whereas some of them are considered major changes, such as? Let’s figure out what changes Cisco has declared, plus all other relevant information that you need to know. 

It’s worth knowing that this change will affect other certifications like CCNA, CCNP as well as CCIE. In order to kill the number of certifications, ultimately, it will get be combined to simplify the offerings. The other aim is to modernize the certifications highlighting upgraded technologies while removing the difficulties from the current Cisco networking courses. All the modifications will take place on Feb-24-2020. Also, the CCENT and CCT will be retired after Feb-24-2020. 

Let’s Dig into the changes:  

Cisco Networking Courses -CCNA will not exist anymore

CCNA is one of the renowned Cisco Networking Courses. Therefore, all the CCNA specializations like CCNA Routing and Switching, Security, Wireless, Cloud, Data Center, Industrial, Service provider, all are retiring. As a result, all of these specializations will be combined into a single certification known as CCNA. According to Adds Dave Petts (Senior Cisco Instructor), “The new CCNA Certification program is going to be more complex because the students will study all the topics in a shorter span”.The new CCNA (200-301) will validate skills as well as knowledge in diverse fields like automation-10% and programmability-10%. 

Keep this thing in mind: if you take a current exam before 24-Feb-2020, then you will get the current CCNA certification. Technically, you will be considered CCNA certified after 24-Feb. Nevertheless, the 3-year rule will apply, so it’s important for you to recertify after the 3 years by taking the new combined CCNA Exam. 

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Cisco Networking Courses-New CCNP Structure

In the present situation, for the existing CCNA, the students need to choose a specialization field for the CCNA Certification, like routing and switching security. When it comes to the new changes, for, at the CCNP level, the students have the freedom to focus on one area of technology that they want to choose. In addition to this, the updated CCNP level holds numerous specialization areas, like routing and switching, security, service provider, wireless, etc. 

Besides this, the new CCNP certification is also combined into fewer specializations. Following are the specializations that you can opt for.

1)CCNP Enterprise (Wired and wireless)

2)CCNP Security

3)CCNP Service provider

4)CCNP Data Center 

5)CCNP Collaboration

6)CCNP Data Center

Cisco Certified DevNet professional

As a result, you don’t have to take 3 or 4 exams to earn a CCNP Certification. When it comes to the new CCNP, you need to opt for two exams only.

1) The first exam will be a Core exam that will cover the networking basics. 

2) The final exam will be a concentration exam where you can choose a specialization area according to your interest. 

Also, there will be no prerequisites exam anymore. Again, if you earn your CCNA certification now, then your certification will automatically upgrade to the new CCNP after (24-Feb-2020). 

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Cisco Networking Courses-New CCIE Structure

Let’s quickly dig into the CCIE changes, the existing CCIE certification comprises numerous sub-categories like CCIE Routing and Switching, Security, Collaboration, Service provider, Data Center, Wireless, and so on. Therefore, the new CCIE will be combined into fewer specializations. The following are the specializations areas that you can opt for. 

1)CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (wired network)

2)CCIE Enterprise Wireless

3)CCIE Security

4)CCIE Data Center

5)CCIE Service provider

6)CCIE Collaboration

So according to the changes you require taking 2 exams in order to earn CCIE Certification. 

1) A Technology Core Exam (Similar to CCNP Core Exam). 

2) Lab Exam with two syllabus contains design, deploy, operate, optimize.

Moreover, if you acquire CCIE now, then it will be valid after 24-Feb as well. 

Wrap up 

It’s worth noticing that after 24-Feb-2020, there will be new terms and conditions for recertifying that also hold some flexible alternatives. Following are the new recertification terms and conditions.

1)The CCNA, CCNP, CCIE certifications will hold a 3 year expiration period.

2)If you wish to recertify, then you need to opt for a valid recertification exam.

3)The second option for recertifying is to continue your education with Cisco while earning the credits. You can do this by participating in Cisco live events, or by completing an online-offline training course, etc. 

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