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Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification -Expert 304

Microsoft Azure 104 Certification

Azure Solution Architect Certification- Expert 304

Whether you’re new to the cloud or a seasoned professional looking to advance your skills, our hands-on courses offer 24/7 access to labs and quizzes. Tailored for all levels, our resources ensure thorough exam preparation with customized content.

Designed to support students at every stage, our courses provide the tools and resources needed to excel in cloud computing. Join us and embark on a journey of continuous learning and professional growth in the dynamic world of technology.

Course Duration

1 Month

Training Certification

Azure 900-Administrator



What Is Azure Solution Architect Certification- Expert 304?

The learning path is designed in such a way to develop the ability in a broad range of skills containing the infrastructure design, execution, monitoring, diagnostic, auditing, identifying, authenticating the data services as well as business persistency.

While successfully completing this learning pathway will prepare you for the Azure Architect certification exam. More significantly, you will get all the necessary information that will allow you to efficiently design resolutions as an expert in Azure. This program is for those learners who wish to begin their preparation for the Microsoft Azure Architect Design (304) certification exams as well as build the initial foundation so that your journey of becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert will become easy.

What Topics We Will Cover

During this course, the ACS Networks will cover all the important topics as well as offer you the experience of designing and architecting Azure-based resolutions.

ACS Network believe in working with the concepts of Azure as well as other diverse scenarios in order to offer you the required skills not only to pass out the exam but also to act as an expert Azure Solution Architect.

Prerequisite For The Azure Solution Architect Certification-304

There Is No Prerequisite For This Certification, But It Will Be Beneficial To Have A Knowledge Of Microsoft Azure Solution Architect-304 Certifications.

Looking to Boost Your IT Career?​

Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification-304

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Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification- 304 is for those candidates who hold a fundamental knowledge of Azure 900. 

  • Graduates who wish to dig into the job market.
  • Professionals who have lower than 2 years of experience belongs from technical/non-technical background wishes to switch to the cloud. 

Microsoft Certification has three levels- Foundational, Associate, and Expert level. So if you are a fresher then it is recommended to begin with the Foundation level like Microsoft Azure -900 certification.


Yes, ACS Networks offer placement assistance as their students get placed in the most renowned companies.



 The duration of the Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification-304 is 5 months.


Yes, our instructors are available for online classes.

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