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Hire top talent from us and elevate your team with skilled professionals ready to drive innovation and success in your organization.

Cloud Trainer

AI/ML Trainer

Cisco Trainer

Cybersecurity Trainer

DevOps Trainer

Digital Marketing Trainer

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Partner with you to create a long-term talent-pool, to source candidates that are aligned to your skill requirements, available all year round! We work closely with you to solve your Entry-Level tech hiring needs.

Pre-Trained Candidates

  • 6 months immersive training.
  • 1:1 mentorship with industry experts.
  • Project based learning.
  • 800 hrs of learning & assignments.
  • Industry vetted course content.

Diverse Talent Pool

  • Pan-India candidates.
  • 100+ colleges.
  • 0-3 years of experience.
  • 15k+ trained annually.
  • Across 10 profiles

Zero Hiring Fees

  • No charges for our service.
  • Hassle free hiring.
  • All recruitment service such as candidate screening, scheduling & tracking interviews, etc

Experienced Faculty

Robert Fox

Founder & CEO

Cameron Williamson

Team Lead

Esther Howards

Founder & CEO

Jacob Jones

Sales Executive

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